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Immigration Services

The Firm provides a wide range of services relating to Immigration law such as Citizenship Applications, Applications for Visitor Visas/Residence Permits, Employment Permits and other Visas. We support you through every step of the process, providing tailored legal advice, assisting in the submission of the relevant forms and following up throughout the process.


Visas can be issued by any Cyprus embassy or consulate abroad for a duration of 90 days. If the visa is issued as ‘Final’ then no extension can be granted unless there are exceptional or practical reasons that justify an extension. In which case, the extension can be made for a further 90 days, but only through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus. A passport that is valid for at least six months is required.

EU Citizens

EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Cyprus and can obtain a residence permit by a simple registration procedure that grants them a ‘yellow slip’ that allows them to live and work in Cyprus. Registration must take place within four months of entering the island.

Work Permits

Non-EU citizens wishing to live and work in Cyprus are required to obtain permits and visas through the Civil Registry and Migration Department, which typically entitles them to remain on the island for a maximum of four years. The application and approval of a work permit also applies for those who are married to an EU national – whether Cypriot or other.

An Employment Contract, which has been certified by the Department of Labour of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance is required in addition to the correctly filled application. It is an employer’s responsibility to make an application for non-EU nationals they hire to come to Cyprus to work.

Whilst the maximum period that non-EU citizens can live and work in Cyprus is four years, there are some exceptions that grant a longer stay, and which are based on key positions and skills that are either deemed vital to the economy, or valuable for the organisation the applicant work for.

Within this category are nursing personnel (qualified and registered); executive directors; executive staff; middle management; highly skilled employees of high-turnover organisations; individual and team sport coaches and athletes, and religious icon painters that have been commissioned for specific projects on the island.

Temporary Residence Permits

Temporary residence is granted following the submission of a successful application to the Civil Registry and Migration Department for a residence permit.

The following people are eligible to apply:

  • Non-EU citizens who wish to extend their visa and remain in Cyprus for longer than three months, and who have sufficient income from abroad to cover their living expenses.
  • Non-EU citizens married to an EU citizen – Cypriot or other.
  • Non-EU citizens who have a son or daughter-in-law who is an EU citizen – Cypriot or other – and resides on the island.

The offspring of a non-EU citizen who is married to an EU citizen – Cypriot or other.

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